Include/Belong. The Northwest embraces a movement toward community while at the same time it exalts the autonomy of the individual. Positively, these values can marginalize racism and free individuals to pursue their dreams. This is a great part of the country to be “different” in and still be accepted, or even celebrated. A stroll through Seattle or Portland will establish that inclusion and tolerance can foster vibrant creativity and add flavor and personality to a region.

Experience/Create. The arts, recreation and creative entrepreneurism are driving passions in the Northwest. Skiing, hiking, sporting events, kayaking or mountain biking are within an hour in any direction. The creative spirit also drives the economy, sprouting almost as many “startups” as Starbucks, Northwest startup itself?

Believe/Be. Though secularized, the Northwest is a patently spiritual culture. Influenced by neo-paganism, Eastern thought and aesthetics, and liberalized Christianity, the region boasts a wide diversity of religious traditions marked most consistently by synchronicity and individual exploration.

Involve/Advocate. “Local” is a central value in the Northwest. The local spirit creates vital neighborhood associations that play important roles in their city and the region. A local-first commitment also generates social and political energy that advocates for justice issues close to the heart of Northwesterners like environmentalism, homelessness, and the social and legal status of homosexuals.